Gaebler Family 2004 Vacation / Graduation album

Rob and Dave graduated from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. We combined the event with our family vacation and drove up the west coast together from California to Washington.

These are snaps of graduation and part of our trip. Click on an index picture to see a larger image. The order is roughly sequential down the columns, left to right.

The Olin (math building) courtyard

Bird of paradise

The Venus fountain in Hixon court

Venus with floral foreground

Koi in the Venus fountain

or slightly revised, "Three Koi In the Fountain..."

Marcie looking at the koi

Ehren leaning on the fountain

Signs II, starring Ehren Gaebler

The door to the optics lab. Philipp: "Wow! Three hazards! All on the same door!

Philipp's curiosity gets the better of him

Math awards ceremony

"Will the NSF fellows please rise"

Rob unicycling around the quad

Unicycle closeup

Look at that cool dude on the uni!

Pretty trees outside Linde

Another angle on those trees

Beautiful Eucalyptus trees abound

Philipp playing Dave's favorite practice piano

Sally playing the same piano

Closeup of Sally playing

The audience in the practice room

The audience gets tired

An impassive observer

A more attentive audience

The Kiddos favorite pianist

Profile of Dave at the piano

Closeup of pianist

Another closeup of the pianist

Professor Huang, Dave's piano mentor

Unicycling and juggling...socks?

Finding a seat for graduation

The crowd on its feet

Graduates in procession

Faculty procession

Mace bearers

Some of our favorite profs!

The platform crew

The Prez and the Chairman of the Board

Commencement speaker

A graduate that might be Dave

A graduate that might be Rob

Two graduates who are definitely Dave and Rob

With Rachel Hamilton (Intervarsity staff worker)

With Professor Su (advisor for both Rob and Dave)

Dave and Michael Vrable

Cindy (Scripps '02) gets enthusiastic

IV buddies Rose, Brian, River, Greg, Michelle, Phil

IV friends/mentors Jon and Brooke

Dave with Bible study leader Jordan Kwan

Fellow churchgoers Renee, Bart, and Buck

Philipp learning to play Chessers in East Dorm

With Professor Su again

With Professor Benjamin (math chair)

Demonstrating math art in Dr Yong's office

Entrance to Olin

Yosemite sights – El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls

Same shot with branch in foreground

A slightly different angle – check out the controlled burn

Yet another angle

Evan and Ehren by the big trees

Ehren by the fallen monarch

One way to dismount

The frog way down

Playing in the stream near the big trees

Typical Oregon coast beauty

Ascending a big sand dune

Sally likes sand dunes

Rolling down the dune

Two ways to get past the ledge

Beautiful driftwood jumble

Vida Hutchison at Multnomah falls

Gaeblers and Hutchisons after the Multnomah hike