Who is Horsie?

Horsie is my pet horse. He is a roosie, a special kind of horse. Roosies are very small, probably the smallest horse around. To give you an idea how small they are, a four year old roosie is about 5" tall. That is how old Horsie is. Also, roosies can be the king of the horses. Horsie is. Roosies do not say "neigh," they say "rih." They also say "rih" when they are sad. When they are extremely happy, they say "REEUH!" and do about 15 backflips. Like all horses, Horsie likes apples. His favorite kind of apple is a white apple. He despises mangoes. His favorite color is white, his second favorite color is brown, his third is black, and gray is his fourth. There is also a very mean roosie named Bully. He is pretty much the opposite of Horsie - he hates apples and loves mangoes. One of Horsie's friends is Joe. Joe works at the Great Apple Storage, which you could probably guess is a company that stores apples. All roosies can speak the English language, but their grammar is slightly different. For example, instead of saying "that apple looks delicious," they say, "that apple goes for looking delicious." They also have a large appetite. If you don't close your refrigerator, they will eat all of your apples, applesauce, and carrots. And you'd better hope he has a cold so he can't smell your apple pies, unless you plan to give him some. If a roosie is offended, he will bite. But don't worry, roosies aren't easily offended. Horsie's oldest brother is Fudge, his twin brother is Brownie, his baby brother is Chocolate, his dad is Horsie, and his Mom is Renny. His last name is Appleater.