Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008 – June 14

A view from I-380

We took a drive across the river to visit some friends. We saw some sites along the way. The photography on this page is by Evan. Photos are more-or-less chronological reading down the column.

Innocent looking countryside...

Still good so far...

Woah! 3rd street neighborhood.
The building with the
spike is city hall

1st Ave. Can’t get off here.


Neighborhood behind Dairy Queen.

1st Ave. The stone building with
two pillars is city hall. The one
on the left, below Alliant Energy
is the federal court house.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ave.
All decks awash! Collecting debris.

1st Street East.

Looking away from downtown, this
is usually park and train yard.

More, um, train yard.