Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008 – June 13

It’s really starting to get serious, now.

Photos are more-or-less chronological reading down the column.

1st Ave from the top of
our hill. A hint of water.

Is that really water?!! Alliant
Energy building in background.

Down 1st Ave: launching boats.
This is normally 10 blocks from river!

Consider the current: Already the
boat has drifted this far right, and has
a leftward heading just to keep
a straight course

the Governor visits

scuba diving preparations?

launching the (dive?) boat

the launch deeper in

another launch joins it

a lunch

not in my back yard

2nd Ave, the
“Cedar Bayou”

another view of the Bayou

strange news helicopters from
out of town keep circling

1st Ave yacht club, once again

a final look back at our
summer beach resort