Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008 – June 11

Before we knew how big it was really going to be

Photos are more-or-less chronological reading down the column.

1st Ave, 4th St and I-380

1st Ave – it didn't look like
it was going to be very much...

“Waves gently lapping the shore”

Sal at 3rd St
we went exploring

1st Ave bridge – wow! high water
is pretty close to those arches
(it later topped the bridges)

I-380 over 5-in-1 dam; the
gates are completely submerged

1St Ave bridge, view across
from the Tree of 5 Seasons


2nd Ave bridge
from park

a different kind of
backdrop for a portrait

1st Ave bridge looking upstream

view of 3rd Ave bridge
from park

At foot of 3rd Ave bridge
KCRG interviews FEMA.

2nd Ave bridge: the
water is up to the arch

2nd Ave bridge and
Alliant Energy building

Memorial Park
below 3rd Ave

rare photo of a downtown
street not (yet) flooded

Traffic rerouted:
1st Ave closed at 6th Street